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What does Best Arizona Vacation Rentals do for homeowners?

We make it as easy and profitable as possible for homeowners like you to rent your home to short term guests. For all of our partners, we create your free listing, market your property to our vast clientele base and manage housekeeping. For our ‘Full Partners’ we manage every part of the process to make sure your home is ready for guests and properly cared for. We handle everything from creating your free online listing, marketing, taking pictures, booking reservations, collecting payment, housekeeping as well as managing regular maintenance and emergency issues. We enable our homeowner to make the most money possible without having to worry about any of the busy work or management issues.

What is a Limited Partner vs. Full Partner?

Limited Partner

This package is designed for investors who would like to manage their property and retain all rights to occupancy and bookings.

BAVR Responsibilities

– Free listing on BestArizonaVacationRentals.com

– We will contact you with interested guests to help fill your unit.

Owner Responsibilities

– Approve or decline all potential reservations

– Provide a clean unit prior to guest arrival

– Field all guest emergency calls, and respond to these issues

– Set and adjust pricing

– Manage calendar

– Manage and pay for all routine maintenance such as pool/spa care, yard care, replacing air filters and light bulbs, TV outages

– Replace consumables such as propane, kitchen items, linens and towels

– Respond to breakages, TV/Internet outages, plumbing or electrical issues and schedule repairs

– Pay for all utilities, including electricity, internet, TV, etc.


– Homeowner supplies us with rates, and earns 100% of that pricing for bookings. We can help suggest competitive rates.


Full Partner

This package is designed for investors wanting a completely ‘hands-off’ approach to renting their property.

BAVR Responsibilities

– Free listing on BestArizonaVacationRentals.com

– Clean your property after all guests we have booked

– Field all guest emergency calls, and respond to these issues

– Set and adjust pricing

– Manage calendar

– Replace consumables such as propane, kitchen items, linens and towels

– Respond to breakages, TV/Internet outages, plumbing or electrical issues and schedule repairs

Owner Responsibilities

– Approve/Decline all repair requests above $250/month

– Provide a furnished, renter ready property

– Pay for all routine maintenance such as pool/spa care, yard care, replacing air filters and light bulbs, TV outages (do not need to manage any of this)

– Pay for all utilities, including electricity, internet, TV, etc.


– Homeowner earns 60% of total revenue after cleaning cost

What do you charge for this service?

We have several partnership options for homeowners. Please see “What is a Limited Partner vs. Full Partner?” for more info. Commision rates range from 30-40% after cleaning costs depending on the level of service we will provide for you. It is completely free to list your property with us. Please note that although some companies may offer a lower commision rate, they require the homeowner to cover quite a few additional expenses that we will cover for you. Please see “What costs am I responsible for?” for more info on this.

What does it take to get started?

Getting started is easy and completely risk-free. The first step is to give us a call! We would love the chance to explain our partnership options and find which one would be best for you. Please see “What is a Limited Partner vs. Full Partner?” to learn more about them. Submitting your property for review takes just a couple minutes. See ‘How do I list my home?’ for details on doing so. Activating your property will include taking pictures, firming up a detailed listing, setting pricing and beginning to market your home. The time this will take depends on if you are converting a property to a vacation rental, or if it is one already. Try us for one year and let us prove ourselves to you. You are free to cancel the service at anytime without penalty with a 60 day notice.

How do I list my home for approval?

Please visit our homepage and click on ‘Owner Login’ in the upper right part of the screen, and then click on ‘Need an account? Register here!’. Submit a username and email, select the box to agree to our terms (please read these), and then click ‘Register’. You will receive an email with a generated password that will allow you to temporarily login. Once logged in, you can fill out your personal info, change your password, list your property and more.

What does the contract include?

Our contract has no minimum term or volume commitments. There are also no start-up fees. It is very easy to understand and contains no fine print we don’t want you to know about. If for any reason you are unhappy with our service, you are free to terminate our relationship with a 60 day notice. Just let us know if we can send you a copy to review!

Can I still use my property?

Yes! This is one of the best things about owning a vacation rental over a standard rental property. While you will need to work around booked reservations, you are welcome to use your property during vacancies. We just ask for as much notice as possible so we can block the dates. We do ask that you have it professionally cleaned after your stay so it is ready for the next guest.

Does my home need to be in a certain area, or be a certain size or quality?

Yes and no. While we do welcome all property owners to submit their properties for approval, active listings are not guaranteed. Keep in mind our clientele are here on vacation and have certain expectations regarding their stay. We ask that you consider what you would like available for a week long vacation and prepare your property accordingly. The home needs to be fully functional and furnished. There must be an adequate number of beds for guests, cable/satellite TV, wi-fi, fully stocked kitchen and general supplies expected by vacationers. Properties that are nicely decorated and taken care of will be moved to the top of the list and do very well.

How is my property priced?

We have many years experience pricing vacation rentals and know the Arizona market well. Once listed, we will start by explaining our pricing model and agreeing on general pricing with the homeowner. The homeowner will then have the option of being a part of our dynamic pricing program. For most properties, weekdays are set at a lower price than weekends and holidays. We will also vary pricing throughout the season as demand changes. We review the performance of your property daily and adjust pricing as needed to minimize vacancy and maximize profit. This ongoing process is our top priority as the more money you make, the more we make.

How do you advertise my rental?

We market your home wherever renters are looking for vacation properties! This will include sites like Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey, Vacation Home Rentals, and more. We also have a handful of local golf package suppliers that frequently use our properties for their guests. All bookings will be synced with your master calendar for review.

What costs am I responsible for?

As mentioned, listing your home on BestArizonaVacationRentals.com is totally free. You will be responsible for most normal homeowner expenses. This will include all utilities, TV and internet, yard and pool care, general maintenance issues and repairs. For ‘Full Partners’, we will cover the cost of all towels and linens, as well as professional pictures. Any maintenance or repair costs we incur will be subtracted from the homeowner’s monthly profit. You will be notified if this cost exceeds $250 in a calendar month. Cleaning costs will be paid from the gross revenue before profit is paid. Any theft or breakages beyond what is considered normal wear and tear will be assessed and taken from the guest’s paid deposit.

What if I would like to list my home on other sites?

No problem! For ‘Limited Partners’,  you are free to list wherever you would like as you will be managing your own property. All booking requests will be sent to you for approval. For ‘Full Partners’, we will be listing on all available site for you already. Any dates you would like to reserve, whether for personal use or otherwise, must be submitted to us for approval.

Do homeowners have to allow pets?

No. In fact, most homeowner do not allow pets at their property. Some will allow only certain breeds or sizes of animals. We do receive a fair amount of requests for pet friendly properties and have found that most are also willing to pay a pet fee. This fee is paid as additional rent, so the majority will go to the you. You may want to consider opening your home to these guests to be eligible for these bookings.

How do you deal with noisy guests or neighbor complaints?

For our ‘Limited Partners’, the homeowner is responsible for all phone calls, complaints or other issues involving guests. For our ‘Full Partners’, this is something we take VERY seriously. We are very strict with our guests on quiet hours, cars parked in the street, trash left out when it is not collection day, and any other thing that may irritate a neighbor. We threaten heavy fines for neighbor complaints because we know that the successful rental of your property relies on a peaceful relationship with all that live nearby. Quiet hours are set by each homeowner, but are typically from 10pm – 8am. These things will be posted in the checkin instructions, property manual and inside signage.

What have previous homeowners experienced using your site?

I’m so glad you asked! Renting your property as a vacation rental has the potential to earn you much more than finding a long term tenant, and you are still able to use it for personal use!! Here are a few words from a happy client:

“I decided to let BestArizonaVacationRentals manage my Scottsdale Home and have been doing so since November 2014. I have been very pleased. They did a great job in explaining the seasonal demand that takes place in Arizona. The monthly profit I received in the peak months of November – May were extremely high. The summer months from May – August brought in barely enough to pay expenses, if that. All said and done, the yearly average was much better than I could have done otherwise, and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

In doing my research, I estimated that I could potentially rent my home for $4,000/month, although it’s hard to say if I really could have found a tenant to pay that for the year. Taking the yearly average I received from BestArizonaVacationRentals, I received about $6,700/month, far more that I could have hoped for. I was also able to book if for myself and use it whenever I was in town!

I honestly couldn’t have been happier and am currently looking to purchase another property to list. These guys are top notch and very easy to work with. I would highly recommend using them for your vacation property!

– Cody”